​In 2011, Integrity Dental Arts was chartered by Terry Sickler, CDT.  With more than 36 years of experience, Terry has the skill, expertise and creativity to make your patient's perfect smile.  Integrity Dental Arts is a high-end boutique dental lab, not a mass production one. 
Our restorations are not imported, but made in the heartland of the United States.

Terry Sickler is known as an expert in dental ceramics, especially in implant work. Terry has an eye for detail and color that will make for a perfect restoration for your patient.


Terry has been a dental lab techician for more than 36 years; studied under Brad Jones; past member of a Seattle Study Club and a CDT.


Every restoration is different, just like individuals are unique.  Terry and his team have the skill to design the most realistic crowns and bridges making them match the enviroment where they will "live".

Eye for Detail:

Terry's years of experience with color choice, material, technique make him an excellent techncian.


Teeth aren't one solid shade of white.  As you know, there are many colors to consider in a restoration, as well as opaqueness, shape and environment.  Terry and his team have the ability to recreate nature.


Technology is great, but the real creativity comes from a "hands-on" technician with an eye for detail.


When you partner with Integrity Dental Arts, Terry and his team will work together to give you esthetic restorations you will be proud to place in your patients' mouths. 

The Team:

Terry, Judi, Austin, and Lori are here to provide great products and services for your dental practice.


Terry Sickler, CDT


Dental Ceramist

Austin Schubert

Lab Technician

Judi Sickler


Lori Vance

Office Assistant