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Periodontist Barry D. Feldner, DDS, MS

"My professional relationship with Terry began when I started placing implants in my practice.  For over 20 years we have studied and work together on many cases, often critically evaluating each other’s performance so we can provide better service.  I can easily say that Terry is a master of an artist when it comes to implant restorations because I have seen his excellent work over and over again."

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Jason Herrmann, DDS

"I have been working with Terry and Integrity Dental Arts for well over a decade. Attention to detail and customer service are what really sets them apart. Terry is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the patient and I are completely satisfied with every case. Accurate shades along with minimal adjustments at the seat appointment makes it easy. We are lucky to have a local lab that implements the latest technology and offers such a wide variety of services. I’m proud to have Integrity Dental Arts as an extension of our team."

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Kole Kugler, DDS

"For the past ten years I have relied on Integrity Dental Arts for my fixed prosthetics and I cannot say enough about the accommodating service, quality, and precision I receive. As a dental provider I take great pride in my work and strive to provide my patients with the very best care, which includes the labs and materials that I use. I can say from ten years of experience, the work I receive from Integrity Dental is consistent and held to the same high standard I strive for every day. Remakes are extremely rare and more often than not my seat appointments take less than 5 minutes with very little need for any chairside refinements. If you are looking for a lab who provides excellent service, consistent quality, and will stand behind their work, look no further."

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